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Vending and office machines
producing both hot and
cold beverages
Customs license warehouse

Freshly roasted coffee

Lis Ltd. proposes to you and your clients hot and cold beverages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Beverages are produced by the vending machines of the RHEA VENDORS company (Italy).

For our machines we use only the highest-quality products.

High quality of beverages is assured by the proper setting up of all the parameters of the machine’s preparation process.

All the components and materials used in the vending machines are also of the best market-available quality: containers, mixers and heaters are manufactured from the materials, which are guaranteed not to interact with the beverage components.

Machines have water-filtering systems from “SERVOPURE” (Germany) or “NTT” (USA).

All the machines can be easily mounted and dismounted, take less than 1 square metre of valuable space, and need only water and electricity supplies. Even if there is no water pipe in the vicinity of the machine, it can be installed with an autonomous water tank. Sewing is not needed for the vending machines.

All the machines and product supplies have expertise certificates from the Ministry of healthcare and Ecological inspection.

If there is an electricity or water outage, or if there are no more plastic glasses, vending machines stop accepting payments.

All the machines have self-diagnostic and error detection systems.

The consumer gets all the information from the screen, including service messages.

We will gladly look into any proposals,
and answer any questions you might have.